A woman from Hull has photographed what she believes is an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

Jean Dearing was on the terrace of her home on Southcoates Lane, when she saw lights hovering in the sky on Monday night. She said she grabbed her camera and took as many photographs of the UFO as she could.

"I can only say what I saw. I've always wanted to see a UFO and now I have," she said, adding, "It was very, very vivid."

The now-retired Dearing (she worked with development agency Yorkshire Forward) said she was collecting her laundry when she saw moving lights and shapes in the sky.

"It was so bright and almost a fan-shaped object, half the size of the moon. I dashed in to get my camera and when I looked up again the object was beginning to move in a clockwise circular motion, clearly visible and then dropped quite sharply downwards and then back upwards," she explained.

Dearing also said she was so excited at the sighting she neglected to take videos, also saying that by the time her husband could see the lights it had disappeared.

"The object then climbed higher into the sky and disappeared at great speed upwards and out of my sight," she concluded.

As with any such UFO sighting, while Dearing remains convinced, others have moved to dismiss her claims. They say it could have been anything from a natural phenomenon to radio-controlled devices or even Chinese lanterns.

Meanwhile, last week reports of a 2011 UFO sighting in Manchester emerged, after UFO Sighting Daily's Scott Waring highlighted report on his blog. The video shows a cigar-shaped UFO hovering over the skies of Denton.

The witness who took the video offered this description of the event:

"Object was just visible to the naked eye. Was in the sky for around 40 minutes before raising so high that it could not be seen at all. UFO means unidentified flying object so I'm not saying it was little green men, but still...interesting to watch."

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