Hull UFO
Hull UFO Image Credit: Twitter/hulldailymail

Strange lights hovering over the skies of Dorset, south-west England, may be the latest evidence supporting the theory about the existence of alien life in the universe.

A report in Dorset Echo newspaper suggests, the lights were spotted by a reader who sent pictures to the publication.

According to Mark Lichtensteiger, he spotted the lights from a beauty spot overlooking Zig Zag Hill. He also said that he was not the only one who saw the unusual sight and that others walking around the area too witnessed the lights.

"At first I thought it was some sort of helicopter display or formation but when the lights disappeared there was absolutely nothing there. They came back on and then kept flashing on and off, all at different times. There must have been five or six lights, which were all stationary in the sky", Lichtensteiger told the Dorset Echo.

Lichtensteiger also added that neither he, nor anyone he had spoken to could explain the unusual phenomenon.

However, some of the readers have dismissed the sighting as Chinese Lanterns with one of them claiming to have witnessed something similar in the past.

"I've seen this before - it's paragliders circling with their wings catching the sunlight then as they change angle looking as if they've disappeared - nothing alien or paranormal - just the human brain's ability to fool itself into seeing what it wants to see, or what it's told to see", one of the readers commented.

This was just one of the many UFO sightings reported in UK recently.

Last month, a woman from Hull photographed what she believed was a UFO while on the terrace of her home on Southcoates Lane.

Jean Dearing saw lights hovering in the sky and quickly grabbed her camera to take pictures of the unusual sight.

"I can only say what I saw. I've always wanted to see a UFO and now I have," she said, adding, "It was very, very vivid."