Three Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been spotted over the Ural mountain range, which runs approximately north-south through western Russia. A video, recorded on 31 January, shows three shimmering lights in the skies over the mountains.

"Watch the orbs and how they flash as if they are communicating with one another. The stay close together and change formation. Only wish this person had a zoom on his camera so we could see more. A 30X-60X zoom would do wonders at giving up close details of these UFO orbs," Scott C Waring, wrote on UFO Sightings Daily.

Check out the video of the sightings over western Russia in this video, uploaded by a Russian user:

Meanwhile, January continues to be a good month for UFO sightings. A commercial airline pilot, Joseph Daniel Araya, captured video footage of a speeding UFO in the skies over Costa Rica last week. The video was taken on an iPhone.

Araya has more than 500 hours of flight experience and said he was not aware of the UFO at the time of recording. It was only after replaying the video that he saw the object on the screen. Unfortunately, by the time he looked out of the window, Araya said he saw nothing.

However, UFO researcher Alexis Astua has cautioned enthusiasts that the object in the video may just be a reflection.

A report on the Costa Rica Star had this to say: "A close look at the UFO in the video does not help much in the identification of its details, except that it appears to be of a saucer-like shape. However, it is clear that it does not resemble any known aircraft and is too big in size and too fast to be a bird. The UFO does not appear to have wings or running lights and also does not have any exhaust plume exiting the tail."

Check out the video of the supposed UFO flying over Costa Rica