A father and son have filmed what they believe is a UFO in the sky above Cardwell in Queensland, north east Australia.

Greg Smith and his son filmed the flying objects in the coastal town and the businessman is convinced what he saw was a UFO.

He told the Townsville Bulletin that he used to be "the world's biggest sceptic" when it comes to aliens, but that the experience "really rattled" him.

"There were two large orange lights. There was no beam and no noise. It was absolutely silent and they were moving slowly across the sky towards the north-west," he said.

"We couldn't tell if the lights were from one or two machines. At first we thought they were over buildings between the highway and the beach, but other people said they were just out over the water."

Smith told the newspaper that he does not think what he saw was a plane, because the lights did not flash on and off.

His sighting was confirmed by fellow Cardwell residents Phil and Helen Mulley. Mr Mulley said: "The lights were bright orange and there was no sound whatsoever. The first night there was just one light and it was very bright.

"We thought it was a chopper coming up the channel. It was travelling at about 45 degrees to the horizon.

"We watched it for a few minutes and then it disappeared in cloud. The next night my sister rang me and said to look outside. I went and looked and there were two lights. We watched them for a while until they disappeared in cloud."

Sheryl Gottschall, president of the UFO Research Queensland, said that during her 25 years at the research organisation, she had spoken to 3,000 people who had had experience of strange lights.

She said she could not say what the lights were but believed they were extra-terrestrials.

(Townsville Bulleting/YouTube)

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