A passenger on a plane flying over the South Korean capital of Seoul has filmed a mysterious flying object that was reportedly travelling alongside his plane. According to the Daily Mail, the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sped up, gained altitude and disappeared before the passenger could zoom in for a closer look.

The 52-second clip was then uploaded to YouTube by "CrazyBreakingNews", who commented: "It looks a little bit strange and not really similar to the other videos. If it's really real and not a fake, it looks like a kind of military drone."

"When stabilised, it is easy to see what is going on with the video. The edges of the UFO are not blurred like all of the other background objects, it seems like a separate effect from the background, and in fact you can see edge noise on the shape of the UFO indicating it's a fake. It doesn't even look right if you start to look at it hard, especially slowed down frame by frame," another YouTube user, who goes by the name Pseud0Name, said, according to a report by Metro.

Meanwhile, various other sightings have been reported in the recent past - Chile and Sweden, among others.

Back in March, AOL reported that a passenger on a KLM flight believed he filmed a UFO through his plane's window. The video was filmed on an iPhone and the passenger reportedly did not notice the object in the background until the next day.

A similar incident happened in October, over Gagarin in Russia. A pilot on a commercial flight from London to Moscow claimed he saw a "burning object" followed by a trail of smoke, travelling at high speed over the town. Hundreds of miles away in Siberia, six red dots were reportedly seen an hour after the Gagarin incident.

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