Photos of Ugandan police groping women's breasts and private parts while conducting bizarre body searches at the Mandela National Stadium on Namboole Hill in Kampala have gone viral over social media. Female fans were pictured raising their hands while male officers indecently searched them ahead of a soccer game.

Social media users took to Twitter to condemn the inappropriate police fondling. One user said: "Oh dear! Good I sat out on this game! So Uganda police was busy publicly fondling women at Namboole." Another user urged the Ugandan police to treat women with dignity and slammed the actions as assaults on the women.

Meanwhile, no incidents were reported in the football match between Uganda Cranes and Burkina Faso on 29 March. In July 2010, fans watching the FIFA World Cup final match at two locations in Kampala fell victim to deadly suicide attacks that left 74 dead and 70 injured.

The first attack occurred at a restaurant, while the second one targeted fans watching a screening of the match at the Kyadondo Rugby Club in Nakawa. Al-Shabaab militant group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

"We thank the mujahideens that carried out the attack," spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, told reporters in the Somali capital following the attacks. "We are sending a message to Uganda and Burundi, if they do not take out their Amisom troops from Somalia, blasts will continue and it will happen in Bujumbura [Burundi's capital] too."