Chevrolet cars on the parking lot of Tropical Miami General Motors dealership
Chevrolet cars at the parking lot of a General Motors dealership in Miami, June 1, 2009. REUTERS

UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable has signalled the end of 'direct support' to the car industry - such as the new car scrappage scheme.

Speaking on his way to Toyota's launch of its hybrid Auris production in the UK, Vince said that the Government would not longer 'wave its chequebook' around in order to support the economy.

"We're moving away out of an emergency time, and support will come in more indirect ways," Mr Cable said. "Not in direct support for companies - we don't have the funding to do that, and it isn't good policy anyway."

"We don't want to go around the country waving a chequebook," he added.

The scrappage scheme, which saw manufacturers received £1,000 in grant, which it matched to give the customer a £2,000 discount is also unlikely to be extended to General Motors' Ampera - a pledge announced by the previous Labour Government now replaced by a Conservative coalition.

General Motors, seeking to produce its electric Ampera vehicle in the UK, had been promised £5,000 in subsidies.