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Consumer confidence remained at -1 in November. Reuters

UK consumer confidence remained steady in November 2014, according to figures from GfK. It finished the month with a score of -2, identical to the same poll in October.

Although it is in the negative, it remains close to nine year highs of August and June when it hit +1.

However, the flat consumer confidence is likely to stay the same for some time, according to GfK's managing director for social research Nick Moon.

He said: "This is the eighth month in a row that the Index has stood within two points either way of -1. We are clearly in very different territory to the period between April 2013 and June 2014 when there was a dramatic overall rise.

"Sluggishness like this has happened before, most notably from July 2011 to October 2012, so it is quite possible this flat period will continue for some time longer. Were it the same length as the last one this flat period would go on right up till the election."

Two of the major factors in the form of 'personal finance situation' and 'general economic situation' stayed exactly the same this month as they did last month, with a score of -7 and -6 respectively.

'Major purchase index' increased by five points to 0 whereas the 'savings index' dropped by three points to -9.