A local town mayor has an innovative suggestion to prevent cows from getting hit by cars at night; dolling the cows with flashing lights and fluorescent jackets.

Martin Crane, Hungerford mayor, believes reflective jackets and flashing lights can help rescue the grazing cattle from high-speed motorists on Hungerford common.

The cattle however were spared the "disco" look after the measure was found to be too costly for the council.

Dressing the cows in the luminous attire would cost either the farmers or the council some £3,000.

"It's been mentioned before. I think it's ridiculous. The bottom line is that it's all down to the speed of cars," said Roger Denton, a local farmer, reported The Telegraph.

"If a cow had a fluorescent strip around its neck, you wouldn't be able to see it if it had its back to you or if it was facing you head on.

"What are the chances of the perfect cow that's going to cross right in front of you, side on, to ensure you spot its décor?"

Meanwhile, a pilot project to fit cows with reflective collars went into full force in Gloucestershire in a bid to prevent the cattle from being hit by cars, reported BBC News.

Some 500 cattle were fitted with the collars with the scheme costing approximately £800.

"As the traffic flows have increased over the last few years so have the collisions. The collars will hopefully give motorists the warning they need to avoid these accidents," said Martin Surl, the county's Police and Crime Commissioner.