Fans were in awe at the photos of Kate Middleton, which were shared with the public to celebrate her 40th birthday on Jan. 9. But a former U.K. minister was not happy with the portraits because they allegedly did not show the royal's natural beauty.

British politician and former parliament member Ann Noreen Widdecombe DSG shared her thoughts on the portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge in her column for the Express. She apologised prior to sharing her opinion that they did not speak of the royal's best qualities.

"Sorry, I am probably the only one in the country but I do not like the images of the Duchess of Cambridge, left, issued to mark her 40th birthday," she wrote.

"They are stylised, unrealistic and above all, uncharacteristic," Widdecombe continued as she said that the portraits do nothing to show Kate Middleton's natural appeal. She explained, "The essence of Kate's appeal is her very down-to-earth approach combined with great style and these ethereal pictures do nothing for her at all."

Kate Middleton and Prince William, on their Twitter page, shared the photos which will be part of the nationwide "Coming Home" exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery. While some praised the duchess for her beauty and elegance, there were also those who criticised her.

Another agreed with Widdecombe and said the portraits used a lot of filters that do not show Kate Middleton's natural beauty. The netizen commented, "Although I am not fond of Kate, I will say that these portraits don't do her justice. She's prettier in the pictures we see every day than in these portraits. Also, I couldn't recognise her! I had to read her name to know and yet... I couldn't! Too many filters? They weren't needed."

It is understood that Kate Middleton had a "low-key" birthday celebration at Anmer Hall with a few close friends and family. American author Christopher Andersen said she opted for a small gathering because there will be many grand events coming for the royals this year, including Prince William's birthday and Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge Oli Scarff/POOL/AFP via Getty Images