The average rail fare across England and Wales has today increased by 2.2%, while regulated fares, which include season tickets, are up by 2.5%.

The increases are the lowest rise in five years, but they have still drawn criticism from unions because they outstrip wage increases.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "This year's fare hike will hit passengers particularly hard because wages are rising so slowly.

"Rail fares are now consuming a huge proportion of people's wages, leaving precious little for other bread and butter expenses."

Mick Cash, RMT Union general secretary, added: "The scandal of Britain's great rail fares rip-off continues with today's hike far outstripping average pay increases, and it will once again hit those at the sharp end of the austerity clampdown the hardest."

IBTimes UK spoke to commuters to see what they thought of the hike in prices.