The EU has already committed to invest hundreds of billions of euros in green tech including solar panels
Could the future of GreenTech start in the UK? AFP News

The UK innovation sector is being put forward with an incredible boost for 2023 as ISB Global joins the UK Research and Innovation's Global Incubator Programme.

As an intent to expand and increase UK business's international potential, the programme is meant to create a new innovative market sector for the UK and perhaps create a new sustainable economy on GreenTech export. Moreover, the involvement of ISB Global could push it to the international stage and make the UK the world's leading GreenTech exporter.

ISB Global was founded in 1999, it designs and delivers innovative software that enables environmental, waste management and recycling businesses to efficiently and automatically track, measure and analyse their progress in terms of waste and recyclable materials

Both the presence of ISB Global on the project and its innovative purpose are no mistakes. The recycling and waste management software innovators were already involved in a previous UKRI programme. Furthermore, the need for business innovation is now the key to a fruitful meaningful business plan.

ISB Global has secured its place and legitimacy within the programme with its previous involvement in the EDGE Scaleup Programme designed by the UKRI. The program was started with the purpose of supporting companies already on their scaling journey and with the potential to disrupt existing markets.

Chris Williams, Founder and CEO of ISB Global, commented on the partnering of both companies. He said, "When we joined Innovate UK EDGE Scaleup Programme, we set ourselves the goal to drive the rapid scale-up of our operations across the globe. This foreshadows a high drive and determination for a whole new way to rethink business and what it really means and encompasses in such a challenging background."

Williams also followed up by describing the build-up of such projects and why is it going to matter and be an impactful part of the UK's future economy and business setups. He further hinted that it could also open more job opportunities in the future and perhaps appease certain social tensions due to current work conditions in many sectors.

According to Williams, these programs with innovate UK, are are two of many initiatives launched at ISB Global during 2022 and 2023. "All of which are driving the development and deployment of Waste & Recycling One (WR1), our industry-leading waste management software solution," He added.

The Founder and CEO of ISB Global was proud of the recent results of his company. Speaking on the progress, He said, "A key focus area has been our people, kicking off with a culture survey which our facilitator commented that it was the best result he has ever seen. From the feedback, we identified 49 improvement actions, with 26 completed and 21 in progress for Q1 2023. We have also seen a 95% staff retention since the survey, a 15% improvement on before."

The expenditure and development of GreenTech could be the start of solving major issues related to climate change and with this easy follow up trigger new thinktank to resolve technological waste and pollution.

Furthermore, having the UK leading this new business and environmental model could open up new future opportunities for the country and perhaps hope for brighter, more sustainable times in the long run.