Four out of five British women dont shower
A third of UK women admit to not washing for three days Wikimedia Commons Rob Boudon

Four out of five women in the UK have admitted to not taking a shower every day; a third avoid washing for three days; only a fifth bother to wash daily; and one in eight admit to not brushing their teeth before calling it a night.

This is according to a survey of 2021 women, aged between 18 to 50, conducted by Flint Plus Flint skin care owner Maxine Flint.

The women blamed tiredness and not having an enough time to bathe or shower.

63% cent admitted to not removing make-up before going to bed, with 57% opting for the easy option of using facial skincare wipes to clean themselves.

This is despite 92% claiming to know the importance of following a skin care routine.

Flint said: "I understand the appeal of a lie-in but skipping a morning wash is both anti-social for the people around us and unhealthy. We are talking about routines that literally take minutes out of your day. It's true that today's pace of life is fast but surely as a nation we haven't become too busy to wash?

"We were alarmed to hear about the number of women not looking after their skin by following basic skin care regimes. It is so important to clean your face daily and moisturise to slow down the ageing process. Furthermore, the majority of women know the importance of following a skin care routine but they still aren't doing it."