A Ukip candidate has been convicted of abusing sheep on a farm near to the "key winnable seat" in Cornwall where he was to stand.

The abuse and cruelty inflicted upon the animals by David Evans means he now faces prison over what happened to more than 250 sheep on his farm.

Evans, 71, neglected the animals so badly that 141 of them had to be put down by vets; 119 which were found to be already dead on his farm.

Local press described the neglect - which is a form of abuse - as "sickening".

Ukip has dumped Evans as candidate as a result of the case.

Evans, who reportedly has an extremely high IQ, left some carcasses to decompose in a field. Others were dumped in bin bags. Living sheep were found "close to death".

At Bodmin Magistrates Court, he admitted animal cruelty charges.

Evans' abuse of sheep has given Ukip a headache because he was the candidate for the target seat of Camborne and Redruth, which is located near his farm in Week St Mary's.

Writing on his blog, Evans himself called it "a key winnable seat." Camborne and Redruth is currently held by the Conservative party with a majority of just 66 votes.

A Ukip spokesman said: "There is no way he would've been selected if we had known. We rely on people's good faith and straightforwardness and we expect people to tell us these things."