Nigel Farage Ukip
UKIP! The Musical is a sell-out event at the Edinburgh Fringe Getty Images

Ukip's popularity does not seem to ever waiver, as a musical about the controversial party is set to take the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by storm next month.

The Hell Bent Theatre Company could not resist but capitalise on the antics of a party – which polled nearly 4 million votes at this year's election.

Featuring satirical songs including Bongo Bonga Land – inspired by Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom's remarks about foreign countries and other gaffes, such as Europa You Raped Her, and Let's Pull Up The Drawbridge, the show has already sold out ahead of its three-week run starting on 7 August.

Speaking to the Metro, the musical's creator Cath Day said: "For the first time in ages there is a party which is actually dividing opinion. Like him or not, you can't deny Nigel Farage is a charismatic figure," adding the comments made by Bloom "you couldn't make up."

When she asked Farage, who is being played by Darren Benedict, to attend one of the performances he declined but told them to"break a leg".

"I wasn't sure if he meant it literally or not", Day joked.

The play's script portrays Mr Farage as a "haunted man".

Hell Bent Theatre Company's website reads: "Tormented by feelings of impotence and inadequacy, he just doesn't know how to rescue Britain from Europe's clutches.

"However, following a visitation from the Ghosts of Britain's Past (Churchill) and Britain's Quite Recent (Thatcher) he suddenly sees a way to win over the public – only to watch his plan to save Britannia backfire spectacularly.

"Will it be too late for our anti-hero to save the day, his country and his wife?"