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Nigel Farage's new song predicts him setting up home in Number 10 Reuters

In a bizarre move, Ukip has officially released a song that can be purchased via Amazon.

Penned by former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, the Ukip Calypso includes lines such as: "Oh yes when we take charge, and the new prime minister is Farage" and "taxpayer's money where does it go, not even George Osborne knows".

The song, which is in the form of Afro-Caribbean calypso music, was released by Ukip band The Independents on 10 October. You can listen to it for free here.

It already has good reviews on Amazon, with some customers calling it a "number one hit" and others saying: "Not the greatest recording in the world but for getting a message across, it's excellent."

Nigel Farage tweeted a link to the Ukip Calypso asking supporters to help get the song to Number One. Twitter @Nigel_Farage

One user, who gives the track five stars, says the song is "hilarious, very witty and so true".

The song was reportedly performed at the Ukip party conference.

Today, party leader Nigel Farage tweeted a link to the song with the message: "Help get the UKIP Calypso by The Independents to Number 1". Farage's tweet is accompanied by a doctored photograph of himself smiling outside 10 Downing Street, the home of the British prime minister.

Other lyrics from the song, dubbed "bizarre" on Twitter, include:

"The British people have been let down, that's why Ukip is making ground, from Crewe to Cleethorpes, outer Hendon, they don't believe Cameron's referendum."

"The EU live in wonderland, try to ban bent bananas and British jam we don't want jam the EU way jam yesterday tomorrow but never today."


"Labour and Tories shaking in their boots when Ukip kick them up the grass roots. Meanwhile down in Clacton-on-Sea, Ukip are making history, Douglas Carswell, we're quite adamant, will be the first MP in parliament."