After a turbulent period, the UK Independence Party is looking for a rebrand. One step for the future of the party taking place at its current conference is the election of a new leader. The next is a brand new logo.

What could replace Ukip's current pound-sign-in-a-circle masterpiece? On 29 September, party members voted on whether their new logo would be some lines that kind of look like a sail or a lion that people are pretty sure they've seen before, it seems.

"Please please please please please please please let Ukip voters choose the Premier League logo", wrote Guardian social and new formats editor Martin Belam, referencing the likeness of one possible logo to the purple Premier League lion. Another reporter at the conference said that the party had said the lion's mane reflected the British flag.

The lion won. Even though another user suggested that the sails look somewhat like a banana: "It actually IS all about bendy bananas isn't it."

The party had shared a tweet showing members heading to the ballot in front of TV cameras. "Voting commences for the new identity," the tweet read.

Politics reporter for the Daily Mirror, Dan Bloom, said that as the logo choices were unveiled, the lion "got a big cheer".

Talking to the BBC's Daily Politics, Ukip Chairman, Paul Oakden said he was not worried about the similarities, adding: "I don't mind Ukip being associated with the Premier League".

When the presenter replied that the Premier League might not want to be associated with Ukip, Oakden said the party had done their "due diligence before we put these logos to the membership."

There are always other options...

Aside from logo choices, the main event at the Ukip conference will be the election of a new leader - the party's fourth in just over a year. The election might not end Ukip's turbulent period though, with some MEPs unhappy with the front-runner Anne Marie Waters.