russia ukraine crimea invasion
Ukrainian servicemen march behind flags at Belbek airport, which was taken over by invading Russian troops Reuters

Britain and the US governments should hit Russia with economic sanctions and the upcoming G8 meeting should be cancelled, according to a poll.

In the first poll after the weekend's dramatic developments in Ukraine, Yougov found 60% of respondents wanted June's G8 meeting cancelled while 52% wanted strong economic and trade sanctions imposed upon Vladimir Putin's Russia.

The same poll found a third of the public (33%) said it should be a matter between Russia and Ukraine and 58% of the population said they were following the story closely.

Kerry Condemns Russian Aggression in Ukraine
United States Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned Russia IBTimes UK

Other popular options included expelling Russia from the G8 (43%) and witholding visas and travelling rights for Russians in the West (38%).

The majority was against too hard a line such as seizing Russian financial or military assets.

Almost 60% of respondents were against offering military support to a new Ukranian government and 41%.