At least 12 civilians have been killed today (30 January) in Donetsk after artillery shells struck the embattled city, with targets including a humanitarian aid station.

People were queuing for aid in the centre of the city controlled by pro-Russian separatists, when they were hit by fire from Ukrainian forces, according to Russia Today.

Graphic images of body parts have been reportedly seen at the scene in the eastern Ukrainian city. One victim was killed as he sat in the passenger seat of a car, according to Sky News.

"We've just seen a man's body taken out of a car," Sky's Katie Stallard, reported. "We can see a bus driving away now with all five bodies inside."

Tensions between Ukraine forces and Russian rebels have erupted again since negotiation talks failed earlier this month.

The past week in eastern Ukraine has seen the worst fighting since a ceasefire agreement five months ago.

On 24 January, a residential area in the port city of Mariupol came under fire, killing 30 people and injuring 100. Two days earlier, 15 people were killed after shells hit a trolley bus stop in Donetsk.

According to Reuters, there was no immediate word from the Kiev military side on the attacks, which came as preparations were under way for a meeting of the so-called "contact group" bringing together representatives of Ukraine, Russia, rebel leaders and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.