Tower Hamlets

Ofsted is set to launch a range of critical reports about seven east London schools, including six Muslim independent faith schools, over the types of speakers visiting the schools, as well as health and safety breaches.

While government sources, cited by various media outlets, said that there will be no allegations over Trojan Horse style plots to spread conservative Islamic views at an early age, Ofsted is expected to unveil concerns over the types of speakers visiting the faith schools.

"We note that of the schools inspected, only one is a publicly funded maintained school," said Tower Hamlets council's director of education Robert McCulloch-Graham, who wasn't able to directly address the reports' findings before publication.

"As is common practice, we will work with the leadership of this school to address any issues identified by Ofsted.

"As a local education authority, we have no jurisdiction whatsoever over teaching and standards at independent faith schools. This is Ofsted's area of responsibility.

"We do, however, have responsibility for safeguarding all children in the borough and have always exercised our safeguarding duties to the full."

Ofsted implemented a series of snap inspections in October and the reports are the results of those investigations.

Two of the three of the schools in the report are said to be "more concerning".