Filming for "The Umbrella Academy" season 3 is well underway in Canada and we have our first look at what could be a tense encounter with a few members of the Sparrow Academy.

The season 2 finale introduced the Sparrow Academy but did not show the faces of their members. It only focused on Justin H. Min's sinister Ben (not ghost Ben). Now thanks to celebrity photographer Sean O'Neill, who shared photos to his Instagram, we have a look at the members in costume.

One picture showed Ben along with two companions. The one dressed in a trench coat looks like Fei, the character Britne Oldford is playing in the series. Fei "sees the world in a special way" which would explain the sunglasses and the marks near her eyes. The other woman looks like actress Genesis Rodriguez, who plays Sloane, "a romantic dreamer eager to see the world beyond the academy."

Meanwhile, Luther (Tom Hopper) is also in the photo and appears to be hurt. He is lying on the ground beside a flattened street lamp. Clearly, an altercation happened in this scene.

"The Sparrows film scenes attacking Luther on the set of The Umbrella Academy," O'Neill captioned the photo, which has also made the rounds on Twitter.

New photo of The Sparrow Academy from The Umbrella Academy Season 3 filming! ☂ ?

(credit: ig seansmovies)

— the umbrella academy ☂︎ (@umbrellaacademy) May 11, 2021

Another picture teased that Fei had something to do with Luther's predicament. The snap showed her confronting the Umbrella Academy member who is dangling in the air. Poor Luther is all alone in this shot and there is no sight of his siblings.

"Tom Hopper hanging out on the set of The Umbrella Academy," O'Neill jokingly captioned the photo.

The Sparrows and Luther hanging out on the set of The Umbrella Academy:
(credit: ig seansmovies)

— the umbrella academy ☂︎ (@umbrellaacademy) May 11, 2021

Meanwhile, Elliot Page (Vanya) and Emmy Raver Lampman (Allison) were seen filming their scenes in another location. The pair seemed engrossed in conversation on the sidewalk.

New photo of Elliot Page & Emmy Raver Lampman filming The Umbrella Academy Season 3! ☂

credit: @LukeWilliamsL2

— the umbrella academy ☂︎ (@umbrellaacademy) May 12, 2021

The set photos live up to what "The Umbrella Academy" showrunner Steve Blackman said about the Sparrow Academy shaking things up in season 3. Their appearance, plus the return of the dead Reginald Hargreeves, threatens the existence of the siblings as it seemed they have returned to an alternate timeline after their trip to 1960s Dallas in season 2.

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