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Universal studio movies are now available for re-download in iTunes in the Cloud service. Apple

Universal Studio movies are now available for re-download in iTunes in the Cloud service.

Last month, Apple had announced Apple TV 3 and Apple TV software update 5.0 for Apple TV 2. Apple users could purchase movies and TV shows in iTunes Store in iCloud. Apple users could download movies of the entire major production house except Universal and Twentieth Century Fox. Due to the contractual obligations with HBO, Universal and Twentieth Century Fox productions were not allowed to load their video content in iCloud initially.

HBO had allowed Apple re-download content through iCloud but HBO said that it would not give up its exclusive rights to broadcast movies after the film is released. The window is typically about six months after a movie is released on DVD, and lasts about a year, according to Apple Insider.

HBO also agreed to loosen its arrangement with Warner Bros, which is working with iCloud, and also is in talks with Universal and Fox to do the same, according to a Mac Rumors report.

HBO had later announced that it would be loosening its grip on the studios allowing them to showcase their films on Apple.

Now Universal Studios movies are available for re-download through Apple's iCloud service, according to the iPhone Hacks report.

However, Twentieth Century Fox hopes that their movies would also become available through iCloud in the near future.

Previous movie purchases from Universal should now be available for re-download in your previous purchased menu on iTunes, according to the Cult of Mac report.