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The problem of having clean drinking water has always been a challenge for many governments around the world. Whether it is a first-world or third-world country, having clean water is essential for health and sanitation. There is also the challenge of having enough of any kind of water to begin with as water reserves continue to diminsh with global warming and waste dumping. In her efforts to help the cause of providing clean water, Lia Neumann set out on a journey to explore various water purification methods and has made an astounding discovery on American soil.

 Unveiling Iodine Treasure Troves in the United States
Unveiling Iodine Treasure Troves in the United States Pixabay

Lia Neumann and her team of specialists in oil-processed water purification technology made a groundbreaking revelation which uncovered bountiful iodine reserves that rivals Japan's famed deposits. Based on geological surveys conducted by IBL Elements, Lia's team, Oklahoma alone boasts a whopping volume of 200 micrograms of iodine per liter. This massive volume of iodine makes United States a leader in iodine reserves, allowing the country an opportunity to make significant contributions to conserving the planet's water and making more drinking water available around the world. Why is the Discovery of Iodine Reserves So Significant?

This discovery is scientifically, economically, and medically signficant for many reasons. Iodine continues to be in great demand in the world of pharmacuetics and medicine. With a bigger abundance of it, those iodine-based medications will be easier to produce and far less expensive than usual.

These iodine reservers will also help boost the agriculture in the United States and worldwide, providing more iodine enriched fertilizers to farmers. This will help increase food security and solve the problem of food scarcity in many impoverished areas of the United States and third-world countries.

This rich source of iodine will also help the United States be even more self-reliant as it won't be as reliant on imports to meet its iodine needs. The economy will go up and benefits many people in the country financially.

A Bright, Iodine-Enriched Future

The discovery of these iodine reserves opens up a lot of opportnities that Lia has set out to grab hold of to make improvements both in America and around the world. As a descendant of immigrants from Ukraine, her heart aches for her people and she wishes to help them with the power of science and discovery. One day, she hopes to return to her homeland and use non-radioactive iodine to aide the ongoing efforts of cleaning Chernobyl.

As the news of her discovery spreads around the world, Lia hopes to use the resources she found to make clean water available in underdeveloped countries at a more affordable rate. Thanks to the abundance of iodine in Oklahoma, there are high hopes that this goal will be met and exceeded in due time. It is predicted the surrounding regions and states of the original location of the discovery will contain even more iodine than what is currently estimated.

IBL Elements' Unique Water Purification Method

Lia and her team of scientists are dedicated to using their patented water purification process to make a difference in the world. Their method is unique and will change many lives for the better because it is designed to extract iodine while sparing the water as much as possible. It is proven to be able to remove all organic materials from the water without wasting it, allowing it to return into the earth wholly. This is a very environmentally friendly way of providing the planet and all of its inhabitants with a more sustainable and healthy future.

With this discovery of iodine underway in Oklahoma, the future is brighter than ever. There are many economic and scientific opportunities that are held within this discovery that not only make the U.S. a self-sufficient leader in iodine reserves but will also make promising, lasting changes to the economics and overall health to countries around the world.