A video has been uploaded to YouTube which apparently shows Russian forces roughly shoving an elderly woman to the ground. The incident seems to have been witnessed by dozens of onlookers who do nothing to help the frail old woman. Finally she is helped to her feet by a man but can be seen angrily pushing him away.

Although the details of the incident have yet to be confirmed, the video appears to show the pensioner haranguing a Russian man wearing a leather jacket. After an exchange of words the man shoves her roughly to the ground.

Grandmother assaulted
The sickening moment an elderly lady is shoved to the ground Youtube

Twitter users took to the social media site to denounce this apparent show of brutality.

Natalia Melnychuk tweeted:

brave pro-russian self-defense thugs defeated a granny in Feodosiya #Crimea. while nobody stood up for her. bravo!

On YouTube one user, Christian Völker, commented: "Pro russian fascists pushing around old ladies. Dictatorship - putin style".

However others were suspicious of the video. Youtuber Wrath L said: "Its a setup to breed hate, she fell on purpose and stayed on the ground as if she was unconscious so they can photograph and film her, you can see that she wasn't even trying to get up (natural reaction would be to move at the very least your feet), but once they got her up she walked just fine. Don't believe everything you see so blindly."