Republican candidate Jeb Bush has released a video of the "most unhinged" moments of 2015 of Donald Trump. Wishing the GOP frontrunner he dubs a "chaos candidate" a Happy New Year, the one minute 39 second video has Dropkick Murphys's Auld Lang Syne playing in the background.

The video starts with the number five moment, which the Bush campaign said was when Trump discussed his favourite verse in the Bible with Bloomberg journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. When asked if he is an "Old Testament guy or a New Testament guy," Trump responds, "probably equal."

The Bush campaign says the number four moment was when Trump "sucked up to Putin". In an interview on Morning Joe, Trump welcomes compliments from Russian President Vladimir Putin and shrugs off Putin's alleged human rights abuses. "He kills journalists who don't agree with him," host Joe Scarborough says to Trump. The presidential candidate responds, "Well, I think our country does plenty of killing also Joe."

Trump's number three moment of comes during the Republican debate in Las Vegas in December, when Trump "didn't know what the nuclear triad was". When Trump was asked about it during the debate, he attempted to divert his answer to President Obama and global warming.

The number two moment was when Trump claimed "Isis wasn't our fight". During an interview with CNN, the real estate mogul suggested the Syrian regime and terrorist organisation should fight it with each other. "Why do we care?" Trump said. "Let Syria and Isis fight."

The top "chaos candidate" moment was when Trump revealed he watched "the shows" for his military advice. Trump did not name which shows to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, but mentioned Todd's programme.

Bush has stepped up his attacks against Trump after the frontrunner repeatedly called him "low energy". Despite the video, Trump has remained relatively quiet about Bush lately—other than a quick dig for canceling his Iowa town hall—and has instead focused on attacking New Hampshire newspaper the Union Leader and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.