The United States has carried out 14 air strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria on Sunday and Monday, according to US Central Command.

The US targeted five positions in Syria that hit militants' fighting positions and hit a group of fighters near Kobane, it said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the nine strikes in Iraq destroyed vehicles and equipment and struck a small unit of fighters, the statement said. The Iraqi strikes hit close to the cities of Baiji, Falluja and Rutba, the statement said.

The US is currently leading an international coalition of armed forces in an aerial bombing campaign against militants from the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, Canada confirmed it had launched its first wave of air strikes against the militants in Iraq on Sunday.

"Coordinated with our coalition partners, two CF-18s attacked Isil [Isis] targets with GBU12 227-kilogram laser-guided bombs in the vicinity of Fallujah," said Canada's defence minister Rob Nicholson.

Canada joined the US-led coalition on Thursday and its aircraft spent the first two days carrying out reconnaissance missions.