US Navy fighter jets, launched from the USS Truman in the Mediterranean Sea, have been bombing 16 new targets in Iraq and Syria. From 6 June the ships 72 jets have been targeting Islamic State (Daesh) oilfields and supply routes, which has resulted in an estimated $250m (€219m, $171m) reduction in Isis oil and gas revenues.

Rear Admiral Bret Batchelder, speaking to journalists on the ship, said the fight against Isis is starting to bear fruit. Estimates show that the US military and coalition partners have retaken about 45% of the land formerly held by the militant group.

He said carrier-based F/A-18 fighter jets had released 10 to 20 naval munitions on targets in Iraq and Syria.

Batchelder continued to say that the USS Truman was positioned in the Mediterranean to demonstrate that the US Navy could respond to threats and hit targets anywhere in the world. "We're getting the job done," he said.

The Truman will also be apart of military exercises with the French Military and Morocco whilst positioned in the Mediterranean and then will return to Norfolk, Virginia in mid-July.