We've all seen US Vice President Joe Biden show off his acting skills in several spoof videos along with friend and boss President Barack Obama. Now the VP is planning to go one step further by making a cameo in one of television's most popular crime dramas.

The White House has disclosed that Biden will play himself on the smash hit NBC show Law And Order: Special Victims Unit. The vice president is scheduled to tape his cameo on 29 July while on a visit to New York.

Biden wants to highlight how long it takes for police to process evidence through the use of rape kits – a set of equipment used to collect physical evidence from a rape victim. In the past he has also spoken out to raise awareness of rapes on college campuses as well as improve the legal response to cases of sexual assault.

Earlier this week, a biographical video was screened ahead of his appearance at the Democratic National Convention which included a narration by Mariska Hargitay, who plays Law And Order's lead, Lieutenant Olivia Benson.

The actress has also partnered with Biden in the past to raise awareness about similar issues. Recently, the two toured a facility that tests rape kits in New York, and in 2014 the vice president had taped public service announcements on preventing sexual violence, which appeared during commercial breaks of an SVU marathon.

Biden's appearance on SVU is expected to air sometime in the show's 18th season which premieres on 21 September.

This is not his first appearance on NBC as the close aide of Obama was previously featured in multiple episodes of the Amy Poehler comedy Parks And Recreation.

Watch the Joe Biden film below: