Lovers in Thailand are facing a sexually transmitted disease (STD) crisis because they are picking the wrong size of protection on purpose.

Sexually transmitted infections among youngsters have rocketed 500% in the past decade and teens buying too-large condoms are to blame, the government has said.

Young Thai Lotharios apparently fear being mocked for having a less-than-impressive organ, so they are sparing their own egos at the cost of spreading venereal disease.

In a bid to stop the romance from being spoiled this Valentine's Day, the the Kingdom's ministry of health have highlight the issue.

"It is due to the fact that only 43% [of teenagers] use condoms - and also because they choose condoms that are too big for their actual sizes and they are afraid they will be mocked for being too small," a spokesman said.

Around 43 millions condoms of the correct size are being distributed for free by officials to deal with the issue, which is also being blamed for a spike in teen pregnancies.

According to France24, another issue is sex education in Thailand which focuses upon abstinence instead of informing teens about how to use protection properly.