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"Valorant" has been introducing a string of new characters since its launch in 2020. The most recent addition is Fade, a Radiant Initiator, but another one is set to join the game's roster soon.

Agent 21, now known as Harbor, is set to join the list of playable characters with the arrival of "Valorant" patch 5.08. Here's what fans need to know about the new character, including his background and abilities.

Harbor's background

The upcoming "Valorant" character's nationality is Indian, according to Dexerto. Harbor is a Controller who can "cover large areas," according to the official dev blog.

The character has the ability to manipulate water. This means that his abilities are water-based, which will be discussed in more detail below.

'Valorant' character: Harbor's abilities

High Tide (E) - With the help of the ancient technology he possesses, Harbor can summon a wall of water as his signature ability. The direction of the wave can be changed and adjusted by holding fire. Players impacted by the wall are slowed.

Cove (Q) - Harbor can defend teammates thanks to his second ability, Cove. Since the smoke-like ability will stop enemy bullets from striking teammates, he will utilize his water to protect them. Once it touches the ground, the Cove ability will start working. It is possible to activate this ability frequently.

Cascade (C) – Harbor's Cascade ability will enable him to build a tiny water wall that, like High Tide, slows foes if they are hit. However, Cascade can be stopped during the cast and is capable of rolling through walls.

Reckoning (X) - He will be able to use all of his artifact's power once he employs his ultimate ability. Harbor can make a geyser pool on the ground using Reckoning, and foes that get trapped in it take a series of concussive blows.