Vampire Diaries Season 5 spoilers
Vampire Diaries Season 5 The Vampire Diaries/Facebook

'A lot of suffering and celebration' – that is what the final episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will be all about, says the show's executive producer Julie Plec.

Things are getting edgier as the show nears its season finale. Here is a preview of the upcoming episode, titled 'Promised Land':

Caroline tells Bonnie about her intentions to kill her ex-boyfriend Tyler who is possessed by a traveller named Julian. Little does she know that Bonnie lied to her about there being a spell to bring people back from purgatory. However, she eventually reveals that if Caroline kills Tyler, there will be no way to bring him back, reports Mstars News.

The other highlights of tonight's (8 May) episode are:

A group of vampires will head out in search of a way to stop Markos.

Damon, Matt and Jeremy team up to set a trap for Markos, while Stefan and Elena are forced to take refuge in a remote location to protect themselves from him.

Meanwhile, Julie Plec spoke to E! News recently and teased that the final episodes of the season are going to be 'insane.'

"There's quite a lot of suffering and celebration in the last two episodes, because of Markos' efforts to make the town of Mystic Falls a magic-free zone and the imminent destruction of the Other Side, lots of lives are in jeopardy and Damon has to, as he says, 'strap on his hero hair,'" he said.

Catch the all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries on the CW this Thursday at 8 pm.