The Vampire Diaries Season 5
Elena tries to say goodbye and shares a passionate embrace with Damon. Vampire Diaries/Facebook

Finally there is something to cheer the "Delena" fans who were craving some toxic moments between the hottest couple, Damon and Elena.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, episode 16 just offered a steamy breakup sex scene of the on/off lovers. The doppelganger Katherine Pierce is out of Elena's body and was dragged towards the "dark world" for good.

Does that mean Delena are together again or have they finally parted ways for good? Spoiler ahead, read at your own risk.

In the episode 16 "While You Were sleeping", Elena is struggling to cope with Wes's super ripper virus that Katherine has infected her with, and is suffering from Katherine-centric hallucinations and an acute craving for vampire blood.

While Elena remains locked in her dorm room and is on a vampire blood diet, Damon was chained up in the basement of the Salvatore mansion dungeon, where Jeremy and Matt are trying to provoke him, reminding him of all his evil deeds.

Caroline and Enzo are on a mission to find the doppelganger of Stefan who is apparently the cure for the Wes's super ripper virus, and decide to make a trip to Atlanta.

Sloan finally hands over the antidote to Enzo and he runs off to give it to Damon and Elena.

And then comes the steamy part that fans were eagerly waiting for: yes, the heated reunion between Damon and Elena.

After receiving the antidotes Elena and Damon have a heated argument about Aaron Whitmore, Elena's only friend in the college who, was murdered by Damon.

Damon asks Elena to stop loving him, and she snaps back at him saying she can't, and they share a passionate embrace followed by some hot Delena breakup sex. So did they finally break up or did the hot make-out rekindle their love all over again?

The episode 17 "Rescue Me" might just answer some questions about what's next for Delena. In addition, Bonnie will encounter Luke to find out more about his family history, while Jeremy will make a surprising deal with Liv.

Check out the preview video of episode 17.