Vampire Diaries Season 5 spoilers
Stefan and Elena start having sex dreams about each other in the next episode 'Resident Evil' The Vampire Diaries/Facebook

There is some good news ahead for Stelena Fans in the Vampire Diaries Season 5 while Delena fans might not approve of the shocker.

But before the meaty spoiler and promo video of the upcoming episode 18, 'Resident Evil' directed by Paul Wesley, here is a quick recap of Episode 17 'Rescue Me.'

The last episode of the vampire dream nearly broke Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) fans' hearts when they decided to part ways because their relationship was proving 'toxic' for people they loved.

Damon and Elena spend a steamy night with 'breakup sex.' Later both of them pass an awkward afternoon at Jeremy's parent/teacher conference and get to know disturbing facts about Jeremy's personal life from his teacher.

Meanwhile Liv tries to kill Elena but Damon rescues her on time and learns that the Travellers are coming to kill Elena.

Caroline is on her way to Atlanta with Enzo to find and kill Stefan's doppelganger (Paul Wesley). Enzo surprises her by discussing his past.

The final scene in the Rescue Me episode shows a group of Travellers using Bonnie as passage to the other side in order to bring back Markos, the leader of the Travellers.

What will happen when Markos enters the Mystic Valley and how will Damon, Stefan and Elena deal with it?

Spoiler ahead, read at your own risk.

The next episode of The Vampire Diaries has a lot of interesting twists for fans. Stefan and Elena were having sex dreams and couldn't find any reason to justify it.

Apparently Stelena will have visions of an alternate version of the life that they might have had together, a happy home with loads of sex and kids around.

Fans may wonder what Elena is up to, when after spending a steamy night with Damon, she is dreaming a happily-ever-after life with Stefan. Does this mean Stefan and Elena's marriage is on the cards?

The other theory is that the Travellers are trying to manipulate her dreams because they want her dead.

Meanwhile, Bonnie gets a warning from Grams, who tells her how The Other Side is changing while Damon finds Marcos and he is both relieved and disturbed by what Markos has to tell him.

Here is an excerpt from the official synopsis. "Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey) gives Damon (Ian Somerhalder) unwanted relationship advice, then admits he is searching for a woman he loved decades before while he was held captive by the Augustines. Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) enlists Matt (Zach Roerig), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) to help track the Travellers and keep them from taking control of Mystic Falls."

Watch the promo of Resident Evil here.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 18 'Resident Evil' is directed by Paul Wesley who plays the character of Stefan in the vampire series. It will be aired on April 17, 2014. Stay tuned.