The Vampire Diaries
Stefan switched off his humanity in TVD season 8 episode 7 Facebook/CW

The Vampire Diaries season 8 is just a few episodes away from its series finale and from the last few episodes, it appears Damon and Stefan Salvatore may not have the best of their time in the show. As the show is inching close to its conclusion, show creator Julie Plec has teased that the road ahead will be difficult for the Salvatore vampires as there will be a 'painful' and terrible death.

"Stefan's never been good with temptation while in ripper mode. We know from past experience that Stefan has a threshold, and it'll be Damon's job to monitor his brother and make sure he stays on the good side of that threshold. If he crosses it, there's a risk of losing him forever," Plec told TV Line while explaining the younger Salvatore vampire's previous stints with blood thirst.

From the beginning of the eighth season, Stefan has been the sole fighter trying to save Damon from the evils of Sybilbut his efforts never really helped his elder brother. In the previous episode, he went a step further to save Caroline's twins from Cade and turns off his humanity. Damon, who has his humanity switched off since the beginning of the final season, may not help his younger brother during his battle with Cade. But it appears his sacrifice for Caroline's children will consume his soul and going by the show creator's warning, he might even die a 'painful' death.

The synopsis of episode 8 titled We Have History Together reads: Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) attend an anger management support group looking for their next victim. Sybil (guest star Nathalie Kelley) is still alive and teaching a group of high school students who she'll later use as leverage to get Caroline (Candice King) to locate a historical artifact that can be used against her. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon continue their commitment to Cade as they test the morals of a young doctor, Tara (guest star Alexandra Chando).

TVD season 8 will return on CW on 13 January 2017. The episode will be directed by Ian Somerhalder.