Security forces in Venezuela have fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters chanting "we want food", amid a severe food crisis in the country. Demonstrators attempted to march on the presidential palace in Caracas on 2 June.

The National Guard and riot police blocked their route to the Miraflores palace, and proceeded to fire tear gas at the angry protesters. President Nicolas Maduro was due to speak at a rally near the area at the same time.

One protester told pro-opposition broadcaster Vivoplay: "I've been here since eight in the morning. There's no more food in the shops and supermarkets. We're hungry and tired".

Maduro is facing increased pressure from the public, as the economic crisis currently gripping Venezuela continues to worsen. The country boasts the world's biggest oil reserves, but is still suffering from a major shortage of consumer goods.

This includes a lack of milk, flour and even toilet paper. The country is also suffering from the highest inflation in the world, a shrinking economy, and a drop in global oil prices.

Opposition leaders want a referendum later this year to recall Maduro, who they blame for the crisis. The President has attacked his critics, claiming they are waging an "economic war" against the government. He has also criticised the protesters, saying that they are "seeking violence in the streets".