Raquel Sanz was "devastated" by the sight of her husband being gored in the chest as he lay on the ground during a fight in Teruel, east of capital city Madrid. Tragically, the 32-year-old had advertised the bullfight her husband was killed in on her Facebook page.

Sanz posted the message a few days before the event advertising a coach trip organised to Teruel which included tickets to the bullfight and a lunch. She said: "Have you got plans for next Saturday, July 9? Come to Teruel. Their annual festival is very famous and they compete, and not only in respect of dates, with San Fermin. And to cap it all Victor Barrio is taking part."

The widow was in the bullring with the father of the matador, Quinito, as well as relatives and friends who had come to watch Barrio when the terrible accident happened.

Sanz took to social media to express her grief. She tweeted: "Thank you all. I can not answer you, I have no words. My life is gone, I have no strength, but much thanks #SoyBarriera."

Sanz retweeted a message of sympathy from Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy in the early hours of Sunday morning (10 July), according to a Mirror report. She also retweeted a message from a TV station dedicated to bullfighting, which asked fans of the blood sport to be vigilant and alert them of offensive posts on social media.

There have been many messages from animal rights activists opposed to bullfighting. One wrote: "I have no sympathy for the #matador who was gored to death by the bull today. It's a disgusting sport and should be banned!"

Sanz, who married Barrio in 2014, is a right-wing councillor in Sepulveda, Segovia. Last year, she lost out on becoming mayoress of Sepulveda during municipal elections. The local town hall sent condolences to Barrio's widow.

"Sepulveda's town hall and its staff offer their deep condolences over the death of the matador and resident of this town Victor Barrio," said a message on its website. "It also offers its condolences to his widow Raquel Sanz, member of this municipal corporation, to his parents and to the rest of his family.

"Sepulveda will remember you always."