Victor Ponta
Romania's Prime Minister Victor Ponta denies the corruption allegations against him Getty

Romania's Prime Minister Victor Ponta has been charged as part of a wide-ranging investigation with corruption connected to work he did as a lawyer.

Ponta faces charges of fraud, tax evasion and money laundering after being accused of receiving around €55,000 (£35,000, $61,000) from political ally Dan Sova.

Some of Ponta's property has been seized by authorities pending the outcome of the case.

The incidents are alleged to have taken place between 2007 and 2011, prior to Ponta becoming PM in 2012.

Ponta, who denies the accusations, announced his resignation as leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party "until I have proven my innocence".

The PM has been off duty for the nearly a month while he recovers from a knee operation. He could be seen using crutches as he walked into Bucharest's prosecutor's office to be questioned on the allegations.

The investigation by Romania's anti-corruption agency, the DNA, has already led to several prominent people resigning from their roles in recent months.