A video of a priest grooving to a gospel song in the Indian state of Kerala is taking the internet by storm. The priest's moves can easily give professional dancers a run for their money.

Father Merton D Silva, a priest at the Edavanakad Church in Vypin, Kochi, can be seen dancing with youngsters as part of a flash mob in the video.

The footage which was posted on 27 June by a Facebook user by the name of Shine Antony has over 200,000 views and almost 4,000 shares.

The clip begins with a few young people dancing in front of a church. When the beat drops, Father Merton D Silva makes his appearance on the song 'Nothing my God cannot do'.

A few months ago, a video of a Kerala priest performing some impromptu moves with another man on a Michael Jackson song was in the news.

While gospel singing and dancing during worship in churches are quite common, it is rare to see a church priest participate in a choreographed dance number instead of delivering a sermon.