Jennifer Lopez was present during the premiere of her new film, "Hustlers," at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday and she had quite a scare. She nearly suffered what could have been a major accident.

In a video, the actress is seen standing in her gold dress ensemble at the balcony of the theatre with her co-stars. She is waving her hands at the screaming fans below. In an effort to show her appreciation to the other fans, she leaned forward to see them better.

However, she lost her balance and nearly fell off the balcony. The audience can be heard gasping at the close call but thankfully, she was able to catch herself and the railing also somehow prevented the fall. The shelf in front of the railing also helped Lopez get her bearings back when she leaned over it for support.

J-Lo just shrugged and laughed the incident off afterward. She even managed to make another wave to the fans who responded in applause. Even her co-stars did not seem bothered by what happened.

However, the near-accident triggered a host of reactions from fans. TMZ shared the video on their YouTube channel, where the comments ranged from complaints about the unsafe construction of the railing and the balcony to complaints about how none of her co-stars were there to help her or were slow to react.

"They should really make those railings higher. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen," one fan wrote. Another said, "That whole balcony looks kinda sketchy."

Meanwhile, a few pointed out how none of her co-stars were there to help her stand back up or no one was standing behind her to prevent the fall.

"I'm shocked nobody was behind her holding her from falling," one commentator wrote, while another said, "People beside her had some slow reactions."

Regardless, the "Jenny from the Block" singer managed to keep her composure as if nothing happened.

The 50-year-old actress hit the red carpet premiere of "Hustlers" with her fiancé , Alex Rodriguez, although he was nowhere near J-Lo when she nearly fell off the balcony.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at the 2017 MET Gala Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images