A video showing five trainee teachers beating a male student in a secondary school in Tanzania has sparked outrage. Authorities ordered an investigation following the emergence of the footage, which was widely shared on social media.

The video shows the boy, believed to be aged 16 or 17, being forced to lie on the floor. Teachers are seen hitting him with sticks, kicks and slaps. The assault was allegedly filmed by a teacher not involved in the beating.

The incident is believed to have taken place at a school in the town of Mbeya, southern Tanzania, on 28 September. It is alleged the teachers beat up the student after he failed to do an English test.

The country's education minister, Joyce Ndalichako, expelled the group of trainee teachers. He added they had lost the qualification to become teachers.

"As per higher learning institution regulations, what they did is a criminal offence so they should be dealt with in accordance to the laws of the country," Ndalichako was quoted as saying.

Is is believed the headteacher, Margaret Haule, was suspended for not taking action "even after being aware of the incident".

The video sparked outcry, with people taking to social media to vent their outrage, with calling for the arrest of the teachers under the hashtag #ArrestMbeyaSecondaryTeachers.

Some analysts pointed out that the incident will spark a debate on whether laws banning corporal punishment in Tanzania are being obeyed in schools across the country.