Viewers enjoying a bullfight at a festival in Bogota, Colombia, were left horrified after a bull tossed a Spanish matador into the air and gored him in the back.

The incident happened at La Santamaria bullring in Colombia on Sunday, 18 February, when people were enjoying a fight between Julian Lopez and a 1,000lb bull. Lopez was confronting the huge animal with a typical red cape when it suddenly went out of control and started stabbing him with its pointed horns. The animal shoved one of its horns into Lopez's backside, leaving him with a huge wound.

The wounded beast not only gored the 35-year-old in the back but also tossed him in the air repeatedly until other bullfighters intervened and distracted the animal from Lopez, who is commonly known as 'El Juli', The Daily Mail reported.

El Juli suffered an injury measuring 15cm. He was soon rushed to a nearby hospital, where he underwent a surgery and is recovering successfully.

Local media reports stated that the life-threatening experience was not new for Lopez, who is a well-known bullfighter in Spain and Latin America. Earlier in 2016, he had suffered a severe wound in his buttock after being attacked by a bull during a fight in Seville, Spain.

The latest incident comes almost eight months after celebrated Spanish matador died after being gored by a bull in the ring in June 2017.

During the dangerous fight in France, Ivan Fandino, unfortunately, tripped on his cape and before he could handle himself, the Baltasar Iban bull pierced his chest with its horns.

Spanish matador gored in the backside by a 1,000lb bull in Colombia - Representational image Reuters

The 36-year-old was into the bullfight profession for the last 12 years and had won a number of awards also.