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The teenage girl from Vienna was forced to have sex IBTimes UK

An asylum seeker in Austria has been arrested after he allegedly subjected a 13-year-old girl to a three-month sex abuse ordeal. The man, who is from Afghanistan, reportedly approached the teenager on social media at the beginning of the year.

The suspect, who is in his mid-twenties, had been living in an asylum home in Hollabrunn where he had used a smartphone to get in contact with the girl. They exchanged several messages online before meeting in a wooded area for the first time.

It is alleged that the girl was verbally threatened until she agreed to have sex. They are also believed to have met on subsequent occasions where the man 'repeatedly' abused her Mail Online reports.

The schoolgirl from Vienna, told her parents of her ordeal, after which police were alerted. The suspect was arrested and is currently in custody. A police spokesman said: "The accused did not use any violence, but he did threaten her and scared her into doing what he wanted."

It's the latest incident in which migrants have been arrested after being accused of committing shocking sexual assaults against women and children. In March, two Afghan migrants were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two young girls at a public swimming baths in northern Germany.

In Freiburg, southwest Germany, women have reported being given date-rape drugs and assaulted in toilets. Earlier this week, two asylum seekers were arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy at a public swimming pool in Germany. An Iraqi migrant in Vienna admitted to the brutal rape of a10-year-old boy in a swimming pool cubicle. at the Resienbad pool in Vienna on December 2.

It has been reported that refugee children living in camps in Norway are "very likely" to have been sexually abused by paedophiles. In February, Norwegian Police revealed that they are investigating several cases of sex offenders specifically targeting youngsters who have arrived from abroad and staying at refugee centres.

Mass sexual assaults carried out by men described as of Arab or North African appearance in Cologne, Germany, has sparked debate about the government's policy of welcoming refugees from the Syrian civil war.