Steve Harvey is facing criticism after hosting the 2019 Miss Universe pageant where he made an off-colour comment during the live show.

Harvey's reputation as a Miss Universe host went for a nosedive in the recent pageant competition. On Sunday's live show, he made an unwelcome joke about the cartel while talking to Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Harvey made the joke after he made sure the audience saw that Ms. Colombia's name is on the card as one of the Top 20. He made a reference to his 2015 blunder when he announced the wrong Miss Universe winner. Harvey's response was uncalled for when Tafur jokingly replied that he has been forgiven.

"You've forgiven me. They haven't — the cartel, they're not handling it the same way," he replied.

Harvey's comment reportedly caught Miss Colombia off-guard and she was not able to say anything in response right away. But her video package showed her talking about fighting violence in her country. Likewise, viewers thought he was being "insensitive" for making the cartel joke since it perpetuates stereotypes about South Americans.

That was not the only blunder Harvey made as Miss Universe 2019 host. Just like his 2015 mishap, he also called the wrong name for the Best National Costume. He called Miss Philippines and the screen showed her picture but Miss Malaysia Shweta Sekhon was the one who stood beside him. Harvey even gestured at her as the winner before Sekhon corrected him.

The "Family Feud" star blamed it on the teleprompter and explained what happened. He also requested the Miss Universe producers to stop messing with him since he can read properly. However, Harvey was right in announcing that Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados won instead of Miss Malaysia.

Netizens thought the organizers had Miss Malaysia stand beside him because she is a runner up and is in costume. Miss Philippines was on the stage as Top 20 but not in her National Costume.

Meanwhile, others believe that the Miss Universe 2019 organizers wanted to make the blunder trend again, just like what happened in 2015 with Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. Regardless of the correction, fans suggested that Harvey should stop hosting any Miss Universe pageants because of his gaffes. However, his 5-year-hosting contract means that he will still be on the stage at the 2020 pageant.

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey has a five-year hosting contract with the Miss Universe Organisation REUTERS/Steve Marcus