Vikings Season 3 premiere spoilers: King Ragnar and Rollo to attack the mythical city of Paris?
King Ragnar and Co all set for their forthcoming battle to conquer the mythical city of Paris Vikings/Facebook

King Ragnar of Viking season 3 returns to History channel on Thursday and this time the king seems to be extremely furious.

The legendary Norse ruler is beefing up his army in order to grab more power in Europe.

Ragnar will lead his army towards Wessex and sends a bone chilling message to Mercian fighters after hanging severed heads of enemies on his ship as he arrives at the shores.

The Norse legend will prepare for the greatest battle his army has ever fought, and will plan to conquer the impenetrable city of Paris.

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The premiere episode will showcase his ex wife Lagertha becoming a free woman with power of her own and will eventually fall for King Ecbert.

It will be interesting to see how Lagertha will succeed in her latest affair as she is a pagan believer, which could clash with the religious beliefs of Ecbert's.

However, show creator Michael Hirst has hinted that their relationship will bring in some humour to the show.

"In the relationship between Ecbert and Lagertha, it came about partly thinking about their different languages. And so the comedy is really a lot in the language. And people who don't understand each other but are attracted to each other that's a great premise. That's a great premise both for love and for comedy," he told HitFix.

In season 3 of History Channel's magnum opus, Ragnar Lothbrok, who is partly successful in conquering Europe, may have to taste failure as his teen son Bjorn is slowly withdrawing himself from his father and is getting close to uncle Rollo.

The official synopsis for season 3 reads:

"With the promise of new land from the English, Ragnar leads his people to an uncertain fate on the shores of Wessex. King Ecbert (Linus Roache) has made many promises and it remains to be seen if he will keep them. But ever the restless wanderer, Ragnar is searching for something more ... and he finds it in the mythical city of Paris. Rumored to be impenetrable to outside forces, Ragnar and his band of Norsemen must come together to break down its walls and cement the Vikings legend in history."

Vikings season 3 premiers on 19 February on the History channel.

Check out the trailer of the season 3 premiere episode below: