Scandal Season 4
What's next on Scandal season 4? Scandal/Facebook

Episode 12 of Scandal season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, wherein fans are eager to know who is the person who was the final bidder for Olivia from Iran.

Episode 13, titled No More Blood will reveal who was the actual bidder for Olivia, after Gus killed Ian and took over the auction.

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In the previous episode, Kerry Washington's character had become an "object for auction", as Ian put her up for sale on a ghost website.

However, even before he could help Olivia chose her bidder, Ian is shot dead by the psychotic henchman Gus, who takes over the auction and reveals that Olivia's finale bidder was from Iran and soon she will be handed over to the bidder in Iran.

The promo of episode 13 shows Olivia being moved to a secret location, before she's dragged out of a car in the middle of the desert. As her face cover is removed and Olivia looks at her captors she seems more surprised than scared.

The official synopsis of 'No More Blood' reads as follows: As the bidding for Olivia Pope continues, the gladiators fight to save her but The White House fears that they may lose her for good."

The show's synopsis has teased a sad ending to the next episode as it will be a difficult task for president Fitz and Jake to locate Olivia in Iran.

Meanwhile, Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby in the popular ABC drama, revealed that there will be shocking news for fans in episode 13.

"Scandal fans from the original Gladiators are going to be blown away by a surprise that happens in the next two episodes," Stanchfield told Fox News.

Scandal season 4 returns tonight, 19 February, with episode 13 on ABC.