The first part of "Vikings" Season 6 is fast approaching its end. With episode 10 airing next week, the fan-favourite historical drama show will come to a close for a few months before it resumes the run for the final episodes of the series, later this year. Here is everything we know so far about the tenth installment. Read on to find out the details.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Vikings" season 6 episode 10. Steer away immediately, if you don't want to learn more about it.]

In episode 8, Igor challenges Oleg openly. In return, Oleg threatens to have him killed. Igor finds comfort in Ivar, who has bigger plans for Scandinavia.

"Vikings" season 6 episode 10 is titled "The Best Laid Plans" and it will unfold Ivar and Igor's plans against Oleg. The official synopsis suggests that the partnership between the former Viking leader and the heir of Kievan Rus' strengthens as they continue to plot against Oleg, the power-hungry Varangian prince. Putting their plan in motion, they must move away from Kiev and begin their invasion of Scandinavia.

Meanwhile, after banishing his brother Hvitserk for killing his mother Lagertha, Bjorn teams up with King Harald in preparation of the impending invasions. They are hard at work to prepare themselves to defend their kingdoms from the raids. How far do they succeed with their efforts remains to be seen.

The details about episode 10 are scarce. More plot points are expected to unfold when the promo for "The Best Laid Plans" will be unveiled after the broadcast of episode 9 "Resurrection" airing this Wednesday. Fans are advised to stay tuned for more details.

So far, it seems that "Vikings" season 6 will mark a perfect ending to the epic saga. Earlier, speaking with Variety, Michael Hirst assured that the final 20 episodes will bring them to tears.

Vikings season 4
After fighting a wild grizzly bear, Bjorn will have an unexpected and life threatening visitor in the jungle History Channel

"But, there are 20 new episodes to come. We visit three new worlds in those episodes, we go through great tragedies and great heroism, and if you have tears to weep be prepared to weep them as you watch Season 6. I'm very proud of the show. I did what I wanted to do, that's the truth," Hirst said.

"Vikings" season 6 episode 10 airs Tuesday, February 5 on History Channel.