The sixth and the final season of History channel's historical drama opened with explosive two-episode premiere "New Beginnings" and "The Prophet." The drama's endgame started with a few time jumps, continuing the story long after the death of Rangnar Lothbrok. Next week, the show returns with an all-new episode and here is what to expect.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Vikings" Season 6 Episode 3. Steer away if you don't want to know what's coming next for Bjorn, Lagertha, Ivar, and the rest?]

The season opener introduced a new Kattegat under the rule of King Bjorn. The ruthless king Ivar left the Norse kingdom in tatters. Therefore, Bjorn is determined to be a better king working towards building Kattegat into a prospering peaceful kingdom. But fate has a different path planned for the newly crowned king. Not too long after, Bjorn realizes that his dream to be the ruler of Kattegat has its own price to pay.

Moving forward to "Vikings" Season 6 episode 3, it carries a strange title "Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs" and a runtime of one hour one minute. Shifting its focus to Lagertha, the third chapter of the season sees Ragnar's brave wife in a tough spot. In the season opener, it was revealed that Lagertha has withdrawn herself from everyday politics and seeks to live a quieter life as Bjorn takes over the control of the kingdom. However, things don't go as planned.

The official synopsis suggests that Lagertha hosts a happy feast and invites several women for it. What follows after, is a shockwave of startling events leaving the entire community frightened and agitated. This forces Lagertha to return to duty and act as a leader dissolving her desire of a quieter life as a farmer.

Vikings season 4
After fighting a wild grizzly bear, Bjorn will have an unexpected and life threatening visitor in the jungle History Channel

Back in Russia, Ivar realizes Oleg is a potential threat to both himself and the throne's vulnerable young heir and grows cautious about his act around him. It won't be too long before Prince Oleg and Ivar find their way to Kattegat for a bloody invasion especially when Bjorn is away helping King Harald, leaving Ubbe in charge behind him. When we last saw them, his exile alongside Oleg started off at a very different note wherein they bonded over several things including their rage and whimsy and violent oddities.

"Vikings" season 6 episode 3 airs Wednesday, December 11 on History.