"Vikings" season 6 episode 7 will air next Wednesday on History Channel. The next chapter of the series will feature the storyline after the events of much-awaited episode 6 "Death and the Serpent." If you can't wait to find out what's coming next, here is everything we know so far about it.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Vikings" season 6 episode 7. If you are avoiding spoilers, go back immediately.]

"Vikings" season 6 episode 6 (yet to be aired) will reportedly feature the outcome of the elections for the king of all of Norway. So far, we know that Harald and Olaf voted for Bjorn. However, there are three more opponents—Thorkhell, Hakon, Harald—competing against Bjorn. The elections are expected to turn into a battle. Meanwhile, Lagertha will find herself battling against a group of bandits yet again. And Hvitserk is determined to kill Ivar and avenge Thora's death.

When the show returns next week, it will showcase some of the highly anticipated moments of the series. "Vikings" season 6 episode 7 is titled "The Ice Maiden" with a one-hour one-minute runtime. As per the official synopsis, Bjorn will finally return to Kattegat. This is the time he must face the truth about the death of his oldest son Hali.

In the meantime, Harald gets prepared for revenge from Olav. Back in Kiev, Igor and Ivar discover new details about Prince Dir, who Ivar freed from his Oleg's monstrous guard. This left Oleg furious and go on a killing spree. He ended up killing several sentries guarding Dir's cage.

"Bjorn comes back to Kattegat; Harald manages to acquire a semblance of revenge against Olav; Ivar and Igor learn information about Prince Dir while in Kiev," reads the official synopsis for "Vikings" season 6 episode 7 as on Spoiler TV.

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After fighting a wild grizzly bear, Bjorn will have an unexpected and life threatening visitor in the jungle History Channel

The promo for the seventh chapter of the current season of "Vikings" is yet to be unveiled. It is expected to be released after the broadcast of episode 6 airing on Wednesday. So, stay tuned for more updated.

"Vikings" season 6 episode 7 airs Wednesday, January 15 on History Channel at 10:00 pm.