"Vikings" saw the death of iconic character Lagertha as played by Katheryn Winnick. She was killed at the hands of her stepson Hvitserk when he was in a state of delirium. And fans can't wait to find out what's coming next after the great loss. Here are spoilers for one of the future episodes, "Vikings" season 6 episode 8.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Vikings" season 6 episode 8. Steer away immediately, if you don't want to learn more about it.]

The eighth episode of the sixth season of "Vikings" is particularly special because we will get to see Queen Lagertha's magic again. This time, however, it is going to be behind the cameras.

Titled "Valhalla Can Wait," the upcoming chapter in the series will mark Winnick's directorial debut. This appears to be the perfect send-off for the star who gave us the character like Lagertha, the shieldmaiden, an ultimate warrior. With her directorial efforts, Winnick hopes to pave the path for more women to follow.

"Hopefully, this is just the start of the beginning of more strong women on television and hopefully, I lead by example to help other women to do the transition from actor to director [on Vikings episode 608 "Valhalla can wait"] as well because we need more women getting behind the camera to share their creative insight and be different filmmakers. I think it's important to be able to support women on that side as well," Winnick said in an interview with Monster and Critics.

Meanwhile, the spoilers for "Vikings" season 6 episode 8 are making the rounds. Even though details are scarce, we have a fair idea about what to expect from the highly anticipated episode.

"Valhalla Can Wait" sees Bjorn in a complex situation where he must make some difficult choices. Meanwhile, Ubbe and Torvi leave Kattegat for good. They embark on a journey that involves the search of old friends and new lands.

Elsewhere, Oleg moves forward with his plans to invade Scandinavia. And King Harald comes across raiding parties that he does not let go without an investigation.

Vikings season 4
After fighting a wild grizzly bear, Bjorn will have an unexpected and life threatening visitor in the jungle History Channel

The promo for the said episode is yet to be released. It is expected to be out after broadcast of episode 7 titled, "The Ice Maiden" airing on Wednesday.

"Vikings" season 6 episode 8 airs on Wednesday, January 22 on History channel.