Volkswagen ID Buzz concept car
Pictured: Volkswagen ID Buzz concept car Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group will offer a fully or partially electric version of every car in all of its brands by 2030, in an €84bn (£76bn) move called Roadmap E.

Claimed to be the most comprehensive electrification initiative in the history of the motorcar, Roadmap E will see VW Group bring electric and hybrid options to every vehicle produced by Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Bugatti and Volkswagen.

In all, this accounts for some 300 different models of vehicle, and includes luxury sports cars from Bentley and multi-million pound hypercars from Bugatti. Internal combustion vehicles will still be produced, but an electrified version of every one will be offered by 2030.

Speaking at the Frankfurt motor show, known as IAA, group president Matthias Muller said it will launch 80 new electrified vehicles between now and 2025, of which 50 will be fully electric.

For the group's all-electric vehicles, Muller says VW is investing €20bn into the development of two platforms which can be adjusted to work on a wide range of vehicles.

Muller also revealed how VW Group is investing in battery development and production, and has an initial electric range target of 370 miles, around 10% more than the best-performing Tesla available today.

But this is just the start, as VW says it is researching solid state battery technology with the potential to reach 1,000 miles per charge, an unprecedented figure in the electric car industry, but one VW says could be possible by 2030.

VW also has plans to build four gigafactories for battery production. The company estimates it will need to produce 150 gigawatt hours of battery capacity annually by 2025 to keep up with consumer demand, over four times more than the capacity of Tesla's own gigafactory. More than €50bn will be spent on building these factories.

Muller said on 11 September: "We have got the message and we will deliver. This is not some vague declaration of intent. It is a strong self-commitment which, from today, becomes the yardstick by which we measure our performance. The transformation in our industry is unstoppable. And we will lead that transformation."

As well as developing all-electric vehicles, VW will continue to improve its internal combustion offerings and hybrid electric powertrains. Muller said: "For the time being, we will be offering the entire powertrain spectrum – from conventional to fully-electric – to enable sustainable and affordable mass mobility. We are not being arbitrary. We are listening to the voice of reason."